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We love our patients and our patients love us! These are just a few testimonials about the superior service at Bear Hearing.

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Mike Mather:
“Bear Hearing Solutions is a good place to be. I mean, it’s a good place to go for hearing help, sure. But it’s a good place to be around good people. I enjoy every visit.”

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Larry Platt:
“A few years ago I spent big bucks on a set of hearing aids that never did anything as promised. So I was reluctant to try again, but my hearing loss was just getting worse and worse. I went to BEAR HEARING and tried again. Wow! These
new Unitron Digital instruments do everything right. I can hear and understand everything and everyone, and Dan and Marge made the right call on ever single detail. There is a difference between hearing aid offices, let me tell you. To me my new hearing aids from BEAR HEARING are the greatest thing since the invention of the wheel”

Jim Taylor
Jim Taylor:
“Marge and Dan are great.  My new Unitron hearing aids, I love ‘em!"

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Stan Alkire
“Going on 3 years and my hearing aids from Bear Hearing are still going strong. I’ve added one thing recently, a bluetooth TV system from Unitron. It sends the sounds from the TV right into my hearing
aids. The sound and clarity are amazing! If you haven’t stopped in to see Marge and Dan yet about improving your hearing, don’t put it off. They’ll help you to hear
what you’ve been missing.”